Xbox 360 and Xbox One game releases this week

Funk Of Titans Background 1

There is only one game due this week on Xbox One, but we let you know what it's all about.

It's January already, where does the time go? Anyway, with Christmas and New Year over, you're ready to splash out on more videogames, right? Whether you are or you aren't, there are still a bunch of games due for release this month.

This week we can only see one release, which is Funk of Titans for the Xbox One, due to be available on Friday 9th January.

Usually we list what is coming up, but seeing as it's just one game, I'll tell you what Funk of Titans is.

Funk of Titans is fast-paced side-scolling platformer created by developers A Crowd of Monsters through the ID@Xbox program. In the game players must defeat the Music Titans in the name of Zeus as they move through over 40 levels across the three different worlds of music; Pop, Rap, and Rock.

Oh, and look, I've even put the game's trailer in here for you below. Enjoy.

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