United against Salmond: some ‘No’ activists to support one candidate

The Scotsman has reported that some pro-union campaigners are planning to support a so-called 'stop Alex Salmond' candidate.

Alex Salmond is standing in the seat of Gordon, currently held by Sir Malcolm Bruce, the Liberal Democrat MP, however, he is standing down in May. The Liberal Democrat candidate to replace him as the candidate is Christine Jardine.

In 2010, the Liberal Democrats won with 36% of the vote, whilst the SNP got 22.2%.

Marion Ewenston, the Liberal Democrat’s deputy chairperson for the constituency, has said - according to the Scotsman - that people in other parties have said they will back the Liberal Democrat candidate, saying:

“We had a very active and successful cross party Better Together group in the constituency and people are not as pleased that Alex Salmond is standing as the SNP would like everyone to believe. You have to remember there was an overwhelming rejection of independence in Aberdeenshire and all he seems to want to do is keep pushing the same agenda.”

Despite this, the Scotsman also reported that a senior Conservative source said:

“If we thought the Lib Dems could win we might consider it, but they are doing so badly in the polls that they will be lucky to hold on to more than two of their 11 seats.”

This suggests that the Liberal Democrats might not benefit from the votes from other parties, but a lot will depend on how individual voters choose to cast their ballot this May.

Gordon should be an interesting constituency to watch. A win by Salmond would see him return to the Westminster Parliament in which he used to be an MP. The SNP are expected to gain seats in May. However, if he loses it could hurt the SNP and would be a big victory for the Liberal Democrats - a party which will likely lose a significant number of its MP this May.

However, there is a wild card in the race. The Scotsman have also reported that David Coburn - Scotland’s only UKIP MEP - will be standing in the seat in May. Coburn will more than probably fail in his attempt to win, but a prominent UKIP member standing in the area will make Gordon an interesting constituency to watch.

This year’s general election winner - and whatever coalition gets formed - will dominate the headlines this May, but individual battles like this be interesting to watch unfold.

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