PlayStation Plus members and free trials to get 5 extra days

Sony offering extra time on their network and 10% discount to say thank you to members.

Over the Christmas period Sony's PlayStation Network suffered about three days worth of downtime due to DDoS attacks, which flooded the service with high levels of artificial traffic in order to disrupt connectivity.

As a thank you for users' patience during the disruptions Sony are offering up a couple of gifts as a way to show their appreciation.

The first gift is an extra 5 days of PlayStation Plus to all members that had an active membership on 25th December 2014 - the extra 5 days applies to those who were on a free trial too.

The extra days will be automatically applied to accounts, so there is nothing for users to do. But, if your membership or free trial ends before the 5 extra days are added, you'll be notified when those 5 extra days are available for you to use.

A one-off 10% discount code for the PlayStation Store is also to be given to members this month "as a thank you to all PSN members."

Read the full thank you over on the PlayStation Blog.

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