Double RP and GTA cash weekend for GTA Online starts today

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New featured playlists will grant players double reward bonuses this weekend.

Rockstar Games has announced that from today (2nd January 2015) through Monday 5th January there will be double RP and GTA$ bonuses for all players taking part in the "Featured Playlists with Double GTA$ and Double RP", across all consoles on GTA Online.

The featured playlists are a new recently-added feature to the game which allow players to jump straight into Rockstar created playlists on GTA Online, directly from the GTA V launch screen. PS4 owners will be able to do same, and also launch the playlist directly from the PS4 home menu via the 'Live Tiles' feature.

The "Featured Playlists with Double GTA$ and Double RP" rewards that Rockstar are running will each contain a Race, Deathmatch, Capture, and Last Team Standing job "to give you a four-course menu of GTA Online game modes," said Rockstar.

I've listed the double GTA$ featured playlists per console, as they appear on the Rockstar website, for you below.

Xbox One and PS4

First Base

Troops have been mobilized to deal with an outbreak of charitable giving in downtown Los Santos, leaving Fort Zancudo with just a skeleton crew, and you with the opportunity for some opportunistic slaughter on a grand scale. It may be the biggest airbase in the state, but it can still feel claustrophobic with 30 industrious maniacs crawling all over it in search of each other's blood.

On the GOH

The first time you almost plunge off a cliff, you'll forget about the stunning views and start to concentrate on the road. Dozens of hysterical city-dwellers compete for a small patch of asphalt in this long lap race for sports cars on the Great Ocean Highway and Banham Canyon.

Fridgit Factory LTS

Like every other great American industry, it's only a matter of time before organized crime is outsourced to China, too. Celebrate home-grown violence while you still can with this two team LTS around the old factory sector of La Mesa. Whichever team controls the choke points and rooftops has the advantage.

GTA: Grass is Greener

Like many Americans, you bought an RV only to discover that you hate being close to nature and your family. Luckily, it doubles as a mobile weed silo, and there's a bunch of hillbillies who need your services. One team gets to transport four tons of bespoke plant life from Braddock Farm to a local scrapyard, while the other team tries to intercept it and make it their own. First team with three vans back at base gets to start a traditional Blaine County bonfire.

Xbox 360 and PS3

Vespucci Shoreline

Isn't it time some minds got blown at Vespucci by something other than medical marijuana? A large, open Deathmatch in and around the facilities of Vespucci Beach with little cover

Hit The Apex - created by ZigMeister666

A Verified Race from several months back, Hit The Apex provides the perfect opportunity to check out the new Massacro (Livery) and Jester (Livery) and to see how those new paint jobs look when you're drifting around downtown Los Santos.

Paleto Bay - Tank LTS

Some places get all the luck. Two teams face off with tanks and explosives and don't mind if they turn the whole town to rubble. Who'll be left standing in what's left of Paleto Bay?

Contend: Townhall Trinity

Three packages, two teams, one town hall. Albeit the fanciest town hall in Los Santos. If you control Rockford Hills, you control the money, and you control the city, so get the packages back to your base.

It's ironic that this should appear today, considering I wrote about my rather slow journey towards preparing for GTA Online's heists mode, whenever that will arrive exactly. Hopefully the double rewards will help me out this weekend too.

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