The Talos Principle's anti-piracy trap is wonderful

The Talos Principle Screen 1

Anyone who has an illegal copy of the game won't be able to play it fully.

The Talos Principle isn't a game I've played this year, but a story surrounding its developer's method to combat videogame piracy has caught our attention.

Croteam has put a trap the game for those players who have illegal copies of the game. Players have reported the game traps them in an elevator on the 2nd floor on the tower.

These reports appear to be the anti-piracy method that Croteam has employed, with the tweet above containing praise from the game's publisher, Devolver Digital.

Croteam have used similar tactics to combat piracy before in Serious Sam 3: BFE - an immortal red scorpion would appear and kill players over and over again, with no way to get past it. 

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