2014 Indie Games of the Year announced


The public have voted and now we know what Indie games you loved in 2014

IndieDB.com have released the results of this years Indie Game Awards, as voted for by their readers and Indie Game fans around the world. This year saw a staggering 111,793 indie gamers vote for their favorite releases, testament to the popularity of the scene as a whole.

The awards have previously seen games such as Minecraft and Starbound come out on top, showing that the winner can sit among some prestigious company.

So what games made the top ten, let's have a look.

10) The Escapists (ChrisDtk)

9) Risk of Rain (hopoo)

8) Planetary Annihilation (Uber Entertainment)

7) 7 Days to Die (pivvott)

6) This War of Mine (11bit Studios)

5) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Nicalis)

4) Renegade X (Totem Arts)

3) Five Nights at Freddy's 1&2 (animdude)

2) Insurgency (New World Interactive)

1) Robocraft (Freejam)

So there we have it, this years winner is Robocraft, a Free-to-win MMO in which you get to create Robot Battle Vehicles and fight rival players. 

Robocraft was developed by Freejam and was actually released in December 2013, gaining huge popularity in 2014 with it's unique style and Free-to-win ethics.

You can see the trailer for Robocraft below.

What will be the Indie game of 2015? Find out this time next year.

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