The cutest Indiana Jones remake you'll ever see

Indiana Bones 1

Somebody has remade Raiders of the Lost Ark with a dog and kittens.

Indiana Jones movies are some of my all-time favourites, so coupling them with some of my favourite animals is an overload of joy I didn't think I could quite handle.

Named "Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark", the short five-minute movie shows Indiana played by a Boxer puppy, and the villains portrayed by some cute kittens.

The movie is produced and directed by Zach King and Jadon Gauthier. They also add in the description on the FinalCutKing YouTube channel that the movie was created with "3 rolls of duct tape, 108 glue sticks, 18 large boxes of cardboard, a few all nighters with an adorable puppy."

Check it out below, and enjoy!

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