Report: Over half of UK parents flummoxed by gaming terminology

Children Playing Video Games

Are you a gaming savvy parent, or is that kind of stuff best left for the kids?

NIntendo UK and Netmums have recently conducted a study into the fluency of video gaming language across the UK in which 1.700 parents were interviewed. Their findings show that 63% of UK children consider themselves conversant in gaming terminology, compared to a measly 11% of parents surveyed.

However the survey also revealed that 42% of parents that took part have never attempted to learn any gaming terms, claiming that they feel too out of touch to start, or that it simply isn’t important to them.

The top ten most confusing gaming terms are shown below, parents taking part in the survey were able to recognise many of the terms without being able to define what they meant.

  1. MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - 53%
  2. Twitch – Live streaming video platform / community - 50%
  3. Blue-Shelled – Suddenly being knocked out of first place when you’re about to win (Mario Kart reference) - 50%
  4. (J)RPG – (Japanese) Role-Playing Game - 43%
  5. UGC – User-Generated Content - 39%
  6. Backward Compatible – A newer gaming console that supports games or software designed for older models of hardware - 34%
  7. Camping – Staying in one spot on a map in a game to gain an advantage- 33%
  8. NPC – Non-Playable Characters - 32%
  9. FTW – For The Win - 30%
  10. FPS – First Person Shooter - 28%

The study also showed that almost one in five (around 17%) UK parents admitted to avoiding playing with their children due to a lack of gaming knowledge although over half of UK parents (around 57%) still enjoy playing video games with their kids.

In acknowledgement of this generational gap in gaming fluency Nintendo has produced a gaming terminology guide that parents can view on

Speaking of the new guide, Netmums Co-Founder, Siobhan Freegard said. “Gaming terminology can make parents feel extremely alienated and perhaps a little scared about what their children are doing on line. It’s great to have this reference tool, which is live on, to break down those barriers and help all the family get involved in the fun.”

A spokesperson from Nintendo noted that the guide “will hopefully ensure that the whole family feels confident gaming together and can focus on having fun!”

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