Report - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain release date in Feb

Metal gear solid 5 snake and quiet

Could Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain be released in just 2 months time?

Apparently the release date for Konami and Kojima's Metal Gear Slid 5: The Phantom Pain is 24th February 2015, according to some information discovered by a user on Reddit.

This is the Reddit post from mikefancypants, the Reddit user in question - he works in a shop and says that up until now there has always been a placeholder date on the game of 31st December 2014.

However, he checked yesterday and the date has changed to 24th February 2015. This date is a Tuesday, and games are usually released on this day in the US, so it could be legit.

VG247 reports that the Microsoft Store did have the same date for the game too, although it appears to have been changed to "TBD". But Rakuten and Smart Game Shopper hold the February date.

Of course nothing official has been revealed, so as ever treat this as a rumour until Konami release something official.

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