Q-Games show off gameplay from The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children Cover

The PS4 exclusive Minecraft-esque, co-operative sandbox creator game has just undergone its alpha test and we have the resulting new videos.

Q-Games has been on the PlayStation blog to dish out some more info on the intriguing new PS4 sandbox adventure, The Tomorrow Children.

To recap, this is a collaborative sandbox game set in a dystopian future society living in the aftermath of a botched Cold War experiment that set out to meld the minds of humankind, but instead nearly wiped it out.

As Q-Games community Manager John Davis explains following this catastrophe. “What was left was a planet-wide Void, where the remnants of human thought manifest themselves strange islands and creatures. As a projected clone created from a sliver of human DNA, you are tasked with venturing out into that Void and reclaiming the souls of humanity that are now trapped in hidden matryoshka dolls. You’ll explore the void, find the lost humans, collect resources to expand and upgrade your town, and defend it from the walking nightmares called Izverg.”

Davis also revealed a class system will be coming with The Tomorrow Children in which players can don a number of different uniforms that provide additional benefits to the chosen roles players wish to take. In the game you can choose to play as a Citizen, Engineer Commander, Miner, Radio Officer, or Combatant. While all players can perform the same actions, choosing a Miner’s uniform for instance will get you a pick axe or going with the Combatant gets you a shotgun.

As you find matryoshka dolls you can unlock humans to populate your town, which at first will be weak and will need protection from the Izverg. In the Alpha gameplay below you can see some examples of the combat you’ll need to engage in to keep you town safe.


At the core of The Tomorrow Children’s collaborative multiplayer is an asynchronous system in which players will only appear in your town when they have interacted with something in theirs, this will have you working out which roles will be required in a given town at a certain time. The video below touches on how this is going to appear in-game.


Finally the creative aspect of The Tomorrow Children will have players customising their towns, Minecraft-style, below is a glimpse of content created in the alpha which has been made using only some of the tools that will be available to players when the game finally launches sometime next year. 


What do you make of The Tomorrow Children? Do you think this game will be popular as a collaboration-focused alternative to Minecraft on PS4?

Q-Games goes into the making of The Tomorrow Children

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