Far Cry 4 review – ambitious open-world game delivers

Whether it’s Watch Dogs, Destiny or Assassin’s Creed, 2014 has been filled with ambitious open-world action games that ultimately proved a little underwhelming.

Fortunately, Far Cry 4 isn’t one of them.

Players control Ajay as he travels to the fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat to scatter his mother’s ashes, only to get embroiled in a civil war. It’s an epic adventure, with an enigmatic villain and beautiful visuals.

Swooping over the landscape in a glider is a delight, while combat is satisfying, particularly during bow-and-arrow stealth quests, and the game is huge as well. There are hundreds of missions, including some built for co-operative play, plus deadly animals to deal with – from rhinos and elephants to crocodiles.

There are flaws here – the driving mechanics feel clumsy (but can be tweaked), while the menu system is convoluted – yet these are trivial complaints, as Far Cry 4 is that rare beast: an open-world game that delivers.

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