Virgin Media wristband pauses TV when you fall asleep


Virgin Media's KipstR wristband will pause your programme when you fall asleep.

Imagine the scene, you've finished your Christmas Dinner/Sunday Roast (delete as appropriate), you've had a couple of Sherry's and your favorite seasonal movie is on TV. Chances are you will probably nod off after the first 15 minutes. But fear not as now Virgin Media have an answer to your dilemma.

Virgin Media's Switched on Futures Initiative have unveiled their latest creation, the KipstR Wristband, a device that can tell when you fall asleep. 

The KipstR wristband uses a pulse Oximeter to detect when the user falls asleep and then interacts with the Tivo Box to both pause and record the show, making sure that you don't miss anything. The device can also tell when you wake up and will restart the programme.

The 3-D printed device was designed by teenagers Ryan Oliver and Jonathan Kingsley, who were commissioned by the Switched on Futures Initiative.

Neil Illingworth, Head of Advanced Technology and Innovation at Virgin Media has spoken about KipstR, saying;

"With emerging new technologies, it is possible to create almost anything, including emotionally entertainment systems that can suggest shows based on your moods, or even harnessing brainwaves to control your television."

Co-Creator Ryan Oliver also spoke about his experience;

"Building KipstR with Virgin Media was a brilliant challenge for us but we've learnt so much and are really pleased with the end result.

"And to top it off I now know what to get my dad for Christmas as he is always nodding off in front of the TV!"

If you are interested in getting involved then Virgin Media are trialing the KipstR with Tivo customers. To register for a KipstR Wristband you can visit the Virgin Media Website.

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