Trine and Switch Galaxy are new on PS4 this week

Switch Galaxy Ultra Cover

If you’ve run of games to the play on your PS4 there are still some digital releases dropping in.

It’s the final few days before the Christmas break and the big new games for the year are now all out in the open. If you’re into fast paced space racing or fantasy themed platform/puzzling, then there are a couple of new digital releases this week you may be interested in.

Switch Galaxy Ultra

Hectic, lane switching spaceship racing will be available this week with Switch Galaxy Ultra. Race around at breakneck speeds hitting speed-ups and power-ups to get the best times. You can also earn credits to spend on ship upgrades and take part in 2 online multiplayer modes. Switch Galaxy Ultra comes as a digital cross-buy for PS4 and Vita, you can check it out in action below.

Trine Enchanted Edition

A favourite of ours on PS3, Trine comes to PS4 this week with an updated look in the Enchanted Edition. Use the varying abilities of Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief, to work through the game’s physics based obstacles and puzzles whilst battling the undead and their minions as you attempt to restore balance to the kingdom.

That’s what’s new on PS4 this week, let us know about what you think of the new titles. or indeed any new games you’ve bought (or have asked for) for Christmas.

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