New Star Citizen trailer wants you to "imagine"

Star Citizen Image trailer screen 1

Cloud Imperium and Chris Roberts' space sim is shown off in this gorgeous new trailer, and Arena Commander 1.0 has been released.

Star Citizen, the multi-million dollar, crowdfunded space sim has got a new trailer, and it wants you to "imagine".

The game is still in development, but players can still contribute over on the official website by providing feedback and adding to the game's funding by purchasing in-game content and merch.

Arena Commander 1.0 has also been released for the game. An update over on the Star Citizen website announced the update which adds in a lobby system and three times the number of ships ready to fly. Take a look at the update to see all the other additions and enhancements.

The new "Imagine" trailer below appears to be a mash-up of previous trailers and footage we've seen before, but it's all oh-so-pretty.

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