Instagram purge costs celebrities millions of followers


Teenagers and celebrities are up in arms after photo sharing app Instagram scrubbed millions of spam accounts and bots.

The crackdown has been called the “Instagram Rapture” or “Instagram Purge” as accounts dropped thousands, and even millions, of followers overnight.

Celebrities hit the hardest include Justin Bieber, who lost a whopping 3.5 million followers, while hip hop star Akon lost more than half almost 56% of his Instagram chums.

Other music stars whose follower count plunged were rappers Tyga and Ma$e, who lost 1.5 million followers.

Kim Kardashian may have failed to break the internet as promised, but she did shed some 1.3 million followers.

While many celebrities and civilian Instagrammers were furious over their free-falling follower count, others revelled in the massacre.