Who has the most valuable brain - women or men ?

'$8,000 for a male brain, and $500 for a female brain'.

A group of relatives were at the hospital, visiting a very sick member of the family.

The doctor appeared, looking grave, and told them the bad news:

'Your relative is seriously ill, and his only hope is to have an experimental operation - a full brain transplant. This is a very risky and costly operation, but your insurance will cover everything but the cost of a replacement brain'.

After a period of silence, one of the family members asked, 'Well, how much will it cost for a brain ?'.

'$8,000 for a male brain, and $500 for a female brain', the doctor replied.

The men in the room started to smirk, and tried to avoid eye contact with the women. Then one of the women blurted out the question on everyone's mind:

'Why does a man's brain cost so much more ?'.

The doctor smiled. 'Well', he said. 'Female brains are priced at a discount because they have actually been used'.

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