Six of the Best Geek Gifts for Christmas

Tetris Light

Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Why not try these great gifts.

As we speed ever closer to Christmas Day many of us will be starting to panic buy, but wait. Why not track down these fantastic Geek inspired gifts or perhaps drop a few hints if you want them for yourself.

Tetris Light

Tetris Light

Everybody loves Tetris, don't they? Well if you know someone who does then this must be the ultimate gift. The Tetris Light can be stacked in any position you like as the pieces light up as soon as they touch each other. Even if you weren't a fan of the game then you have to admit that this light is pretty cool.

The Tetris Light is available at Firebox for £29.99*


Transformers Autobot Light

Autobot Light

Talking of lights how about this awesome Transformers Light. Who doesn't want a light up Autobot logo? The Autobot Light has a distressed metal finish meaning it looks just as cool when it's off. What better way to show your support for Cybertron's finest against the tyranny of the Decepticons?

The Transformers Autobot Light is available at Red5 for £19.99*


Pixel Bricks

Tails Pixel Bricks

For something a little different you might like to try the Pixel Bricks range, allowing you to build some classic game characters from Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog, including Blanka, Ryu, Ken, Sonic and Tails (shown above). Pixel Bricks give an old school feeling to your favorite characters and would make a great gift.

Pixel Bricks are available from Amazon from £5.99*


Street Fighter Ryu Money Box

Ryu Money Box

Finally a way to Hadouken your change, that works right? This Ryu money box looks cool with it's classic pixel style and it's practical too. What's even better is that no-one is going to mess with Ryu, accept maybe M Bison, so your hard earned pennies will be in good hands.

The Ryu Money Box is available from Blue Inc for £4.00*


Pac-Man Coasters

Pacman Coasters

The Pac-Man Coasters would make a great stocking filler. You get four coasters, Pac-Man, Blinky, Inky and Clyde and are made from a tough heat proof Silicone, perfect for putting your Hot Toddy or Egg Nog on.

The Pac-Man Coaster are available from Amazon for £8.23*


Star Wars Poncho

Jedi Poncho

Last but not least are these great Star Wars Ponchos, perfect for these rainy days. Whether you follow the Dark Side with the Darth Vader Poncho or the Light side of The Force with the Jedi Poncho there is one for you. Not only will these be great for winter but also for the Festival season so you definitely get some longevity out of them.

The Star Wars Ponchos are available from Forbidden Planet for £4.99 each*

* All prices correct at time of writing.


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