New Bloodborne screenshots show off the Chalice Dungeons

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Screen (1)

Multiple levels, pale-skinned protectors, and giant flaming guard dogs await.

New screenshots of the Chalice Dungeons in From Software's upcoming PS4-exclusive Bloodborne have appeared on the PlayStation Blog.

The Chalice Dungeons are instanced areas which change each time players enter, and are found by using holy chalices. Players will be able to venture into the dungeons' "multiple levels" one their own or with others online.

Filled with "traps, nightmarish creatures, and of course rewards for brave and skilled hunters to claim," the dungeons can be uploaded for other players to try out by going online and choosing new instances to explore.

The new screenshots of the Chalice Dungeons below show you what players can expect to find down there, including "oily swamps and intricate gothic grand halls," pale-skinned protectors and protector ritual masters, and the fiery ancient guard dog.

Bloodborne is due for release on 24th March 2015 in the US, and 27th March in the UK exclusively on PS4.

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