NASA's plan to capture asteroid has been delayed

NASA Asteroid capture mission screen 1

NASA will decide on their approach to the mission next year.

Last month everyone was talking about how the European Space Agency (ESA) landed the Philae probe on comet 67P, and now NASA want to take it a little further, by taking a piece of asteroid and putting in orbit around the Moon in 2019.

The Asteroid Redirect Mission has a couple of options that NASA are considering; do they capture an asteroid measuring 30ft across, or land on a larger asteroid the same way Philae did, and carve out a boulder to bring back to the Moon. NASA have said they will decide exactly how they will tackle the mission next year.

The upcoming Space Launch System, that aims to put a manned capsule on Mars, will intercept the chunk of rock put into orbit in 2020, taking samples and then return to Earth. It will be the farthest humans have travelled into space, once the mission is complete.

Have a look at the video below, which explains what the plan is, and demonstrates how they want to execute it.

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