Leaked image shows new Steam Controller design

Steam Logo

The controller now includes a d-pad on one of the trackpads.

There's another new design for the Steam Controller, according to files excavated from the latest Steam Client Beta update.

ValveTime forums reported the information, and it shows an image of the new design which appears to be the same as the previous one we've seen. However, there is one slight difference, the left trackpad now has a d-pad on it.

Steam Controller design December 2014

No official word of this image or design has been given by Valve, however in an interview with the company's Doug Lombardi at TechRadar last month it was confirmed that Valve would be skipping CES 2015, but they were planning a large Steam Machine presence at GDC 2015 in March. So, expect to see the controller then, in whatever form it takes.

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