Transformers Universe shuts down after just 6 months in open beta

Transformers Universe Optimus Vs Megatron

The Transformers Universe MOBA is scheduled to close down on 31st January 2015.

After only 6 months in open beta Transformers Universe is being closed down, the developers announced in an update on the website yesterday.

The game had been running an open beta since 4th July 2014, where it was previously in closed beta before that since March. Transformers Universe will fully close down at 10am GMT on 31st January 2015.

A "shutdown period" began yesterday, and part of that process will see those players that bought a Founders Pack receiving refunds. Anyone who bought relic bundles and starter packs are also to receive refunds. All refunds "should" be processed in the next 30 days.

Anyone with an account can still play until the final closure date, but new accounts cannot be created.

After the final closure date all servers, forums, and accounts will be frozen - although accounts will be open until 31st March 2015 to deal with any ongoing queries before they're deleted.

Take a look at the update for further info on refunds.

A final note from the developers says:

"Once again we want to thank all of the players that have played Transformers Universe and all those that have worked on the project. We’re sure you have thoughts and feelings that you’d like to share on this, so please do so on our forums. Please bear in mind that this is obviously a challenging time for all involved, especially the CM team. There will be plenty of things we can’t comment on, so please respect their position."

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