Lord Prescott calls Miliband ‘Red Ed’

Lord Prescott has referred to Ed Miliband as “Red Ed” in the middle of a BBC Radio 4 Today interview on English votes for English laws.

The former Labour deputy prime minister, known for his passion and sincerity as well as the occasional tumble with the English language, dubbed Miliband “Red Ed”, the description given him by rightwing tabloids, while he was supporting the Labour leader’s plans for the future English constitution. The phrase was not picked up on by the interviewer.

Prescott, discussing English votes, said: “That is why ‘Red Ed’ is right to have a commission to look at these issues and not rush them through ready for the election.”

Prescott has long been an advocate of devolution to the English regions but his plans for a regional assembly in the north-east were comprehensively rejected in a referendum.

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