The Dota 2 Shifting Snows update is coming

Dota 2 Shifting Snows update 6.83

Valve have revealed a new update to Dota 2 with new items, map effects, hero and item changes, and more.

There's a new Dota 2 themed update, which means there's new items and fun things to talk about. Oh, and there's a long list of Hero and item balancing notes too, but we'll look at that last.

The Shifting Snows update (6.83) changes the game map to a snowy, winter wonderland, with snow and ice at the edges of lanes, and the river has been frozen over too.

For those of you that took part in Season 2 of Fantasy Dota, and placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your Fantasy Dota league, you should find a new trophy and teleport effect in your inventory.

The Dota store will be updated with the 'Treasure of the Frosted Flame', which contains new armour for Luna, Sniper, Legion Commander, Drow, and Shadow Shaman. Each treasure opened also has the chance to drop a new set for Tiny or a rare Hexgill the Lane Shark courier.

There will also be another treasure available to buy - the Treasure of the Nested Cache. This little beaut holds treasure within treasure - when you open it you'll receive a random treasure, aswell as a chance to earn a 'special gift'. A 'Treasure Redemption Token' may also be found inside that will allow you to exchange it for another treasure.

The 'Heroic Effigies' that were brought in by the previous update can now be given an icy look when you buy the 'Effigy Block of Frost' from the store. New animations for effigy creations are also being enabled.

Finally in the store there is an item called 'Gift Wrap', which allows you to create a present from any item in your inventory, and then gift it to a friend on your friends list. 'Tis the season!

Now onto the balancing changelog, which is pretty huge. We won't post it here, simply because it is quite long, but you should check it out on the Dota 2 update page; there are changes to plenty of heroes, so you'll want to make sure your favourites haven't been nerfed, and there are a few item cost reductions too.

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