Xbox One and Xbox 360 releases this week

Tetris Ultimate screen four player 1

Just a couple of releases for Microsoft's Xbox One console this week - Tetris Ultimate and Kalimba.

It's Christmas next week, and that means you shouldn't really expect any game releases because, well, there aren't any, really. Apart from a couple we've found here, Kalimba and Tetris Ultimate.

Both games appear to only be heading to the Xbox One - we can't find anything that is heading to Xbox 360 this week. If you know any different, please give us a heads up and we'll update the list.

Tetris Ultimate is a new take on the classic Tetris formula, with game modes like 'Endless', 'Ultra', and 'Battle' which puts 4 players against eachother at once.

Kalimba is a puzzle platformer that has players controlling totems, need I say more? Well, I will anyway - the devs are planning to bring the game to Xbox 360 at some point, but for now it's just coming to Xbox One.

Here's the rather short list of this week's game releases for the Xbox consoles, well Xbox One at least.:

Xbox One

Tetris Ultimate - 17th December

Kalimba - 17th December

Xbox 360


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