The GTA V 'Most Wanted' trailer is something you must see

GTA V Most Wanted trailer screen 1

Commandoflauge's trailer for a mock movie called Most Wanted leaves us extremely impressed.

We've seen some pretty impressive fan creations in Grand Theft Auto V this year; Terminator 2 and The Matrix tributes, and even an underwater documentary. However, this latest creation from Commandoflauge is a mock movie trailer, filmed entirely in GTA V, for a movie called Most Wanted.

A comedy, Most Wanted sees two hapless, wannabe robbers end up being hunted for a 'terrorist attack' after their heist goes awry.

Cue great voice, camera, and direction work and you've got yourself a really funny trailer. This would be pretty standard if it were a live action trailer, but as it's filmed in GTA V we're just in awe at how they managed to film it all so well.

Take a look at the Most Wanted trailer below.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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