Contentious top-down shooter Hatred heads to Steam Greenlight

Hatred screenshot 1

Polish developers Destructive Creations' first game is now on Valve's Steam Greenlight waiting for your votes.

Update - 16/12/2014 10:09

Hatred has been pulled off Steam Greenlight - read the full story over here.

Original Story - 15/12/2014 15:45

Remember Hatred? It's the game that was announced a couple of months back and spawned plenty of controversy due to its content around mass murdering innocents. Well, the game is now on Steam Greenlight, as the new trailer suggests.

The short new trailer shows everything we've already seen in the reveal trailer, but the description on YouTube reveals that a full gameplay trailer is on the way in January which will have a "couple more “nice” features ;)."

The trailer has some graphic content, so viewer discretion is advised.

Hatred is due for release in 2015 on PC, and the game revolves around a player-character that hates humanity and starts to kill innocent civilians for his 'genocide crusade'.

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