Cities XXL looks way, way bigger than SimCity

Cities XXL screen 04

A new trailer for Focus Home Interactive's Cities XXL blows SimCity's city sizes out of the water.

It's quite ironic that I suddenly notice the trailer for a new city management sim a day after we took at look at last year's SimCity game. I briefly wrote about SimCity's troubled launch, and how the city sizes are quite limited compared to previous additions.

Does size really matter, though? Well, in a city management game it's a pretty big factor, I think. If you agree, the new trailer for Cities XXL should appease you.

There are over 1000 buildings you can construct across over 70 maps, with new landscapes and environments along with ecological features.

The description of the game continues to read:

"CitiesXXL features low-level city management mechanics, such as local air and noise pollution levels illustrated with the new stream-lined UI, and beauty hot-spots suitable for holiday locations to supplement cash-flow.

At citizen management level, you’ll be able to track a person’s route to work in order to best manage transport from sea, underground and over-ground rail, or air. Cut-down on traffic queues with the park and ride and busses, or even bike hire – reducing that carbon footprint!"

Here's the Cities XXL trailer in all its glory. The game is due for release on PC in 2015.

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