Are you a City Shaker, an Islington Greenie, or a Croydon Lothario?


What does your place of work say about you?

City workers most likely to ‘work hard and play hard’, often snoozing at lunchtime :


City workers have been proven to ‘work hard and play hard’ more than those in other areas of London, according to an extensive study of the Capital’s office workers. Those in the Square Mile have the longest hours (45.3), most nights out drinking (two) and highest number of hangovers on a weekly basis.

Their extreme lifestyles mean ‘City Shakers’ often rely on lunchtime snoozes to get them through the week (just over once per week), while they are the least likely to find time to cook their own evening meal and the most likely to treat themselves to lunch in a restaurant. Average lunchtime spend in the City is £7.47, 38 per cent higher than the London average (£5.16).

Weary West Enders out-shopped by the City :


Despite working so close to some of the world’s best retail locations, Weary West Enders are significantly out-shopped by their City counterparts, perhaps put off by the Oxford Street hordes. Only shopping on their lunch break an average of once per week, compared to 1.5 times for City workers, West Enders are also out-shopped after work, going just 1.1 times per week vs. 1.6 in the City.

Their weariness could also be down to their long commute – a laborious 57 minutes on average – and the fact that they are the biggest tube users in the Capital. Over two thirds (68 per cent) of Westminster workers regularly commute underground, almost twice the London average.

Islington is the cycling and social media capital of London :

Using Social Media

Workers in Islington should be proud that they are officially the most green-conscious travellers of all the boroughs, with almost one in five (17 per cent) cycling to work, nearly three times the average (six per cent). ‘Islington Greenies’ are also the most likely to walk to work regularly, with 50 per cent choosing to travel on foot, 20 percentage points higher than the norm.

However Islington workers are also challenging the City for socialising, with an average of 1.8 nights drinking per week. They are also the biggest social media addicts, checking their profiles on average 4.7 times during the working day, or more than once every two hours.

Canary Wharf is home to vainest workers in London :

I Look Good

The biggest preeners in London can be found in Tower Hamlets – home to financial hotspot Canary Wharf - where workers take over 45 minutes on average to get ready for work. This compares to an average of 39 minutes across the city and a low of just 31 minutes for speed-dressing workers in Wandsworth.

Tower Hamlets also challenges the City for long hours, also working over 45 hour weeks, not helped by the fact that they work through lunch twice on average. However they do enjoy the most holiday, taking 28 days on average per year, compared to a London low of just 24.

Alan Pepper, CEO of Avanta Serviced Office Group, commented: “Every area of London has its stereotypes but our study helps to debunk, or confirm some of these once and for all. The City and Canary Wharf are famous for long hours and partying, so it’s interesting to see that this is still true for many in those areas."

“The research highlights the importance of matching the culture of your business to the area where it is based and ensuring a good fit. Every neighbourhood has its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies, and this can make a huge difference when attracting talent, not to mention for the all-important networking and socialising throughout the week.”

Other key findings include:

· Croydon workers are the most likely to have had an office romance – more than two in five (43 per cent) have locked lips with a co-worker, compared to an average of just 28 per cent.

· Workers in Lewisham are most likely to work from home in the evening, with 50 per cent doing this at least once per week and 20 per cent every day.

· The most sleep deprived are in Barnet where they average just 6.4 hours per night, while those in Waltham Forest get the most (7 hours).

· Workers in Harrow & Hillingdon are the most active, exercising almost three times per week on average (2.9). Newham and Lambeth workers spend the least time exercising.


*The findings are part of a research project by Avanta Serviced Office Group, London’s leading serviced offices provider, to reveal the contrasting habits, characteristics and lifestyles of those working in different areas. The survey was conducted among 1500 people working in London. The interviews were conducted online by Redshift Research in October 2014 using an email invitation and an online survey.