Dying Light confirmed to run at 1080p and 30fps on PS4


There's no news on what specifications the Xbox One version will run at just yet.

The trend of players seeking confirmation that the latest triple-A game will run at 1080p and 30fps continues today, as Techland's zombie survival game, Dying Light, joins in confirming it will run at those specs.

Lead designer of Dying Light, Maciej Binkowski, confirmed that the game is being targeted to run at those specs on PS4, following a fan question on Ask.fm.

Techland later confirmed to Gamespot that it's what they can deliver, "100 percent".

"1080p/30 fps is what we have right now, it is what is constant, and what we’re sure we can deliver in the final product, but the work is still ongoing, and even though we have no more than two weeks left, things can still change.

“So even though the answer is accurate I would change the question–it’s not what we target, it is what we will deliver 100 percent.”

When asked about the Xbox One versions they responded with: "It's too early to tell, but we're trying to squeeze as much as we can from both consoles. Please stay tuned."

About a month ago the developers announced they were shutting down development on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, saying they "just couldn’t run the game".

Dying Light is due for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 27th January in the US and 30th January in Europe.

Thanks, VG247.

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