Sunset Overdrive story DLC due 23rd December

Sunset Overdrive Mooil Rig DLC video 1

A new area, weapons, amps, and moves are coming in the next couple of weeks.

The first DLC expansion pack for Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive has been announced, which is due to release on 23rd December.

The Mooil Rig DLC is a story-based expansion that will contain a whole new area for the game - an oil rig. This area will have new story missions, weapons, and amps for players to dive into.

The DLC also adds in a couple of new moves for when you're moving along water too - you can dip under the water for a short period of time, or even smash into the water and come flying out of it high into the air. These new moves will make it easier to keep your momentum going when on the water.

Take a look at 'The Mystery of Mooil Rig' video below, hosted by Xbox's Major Nelson.

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