New Tekken 7 gameplay footage released, and new character revealed

Tekken 7 gameplay trailer 2 screen 1

Lucky Chloe is the latest character to join the Tekken roster, and some more new gameplay has been revealed.

Tekken 7 is heading to arcades in Japan in February next year, along with PS4 and Xbox One versions at a later date, and this week a new character was revealed during the PlayStation 20th anniversary celebrations in Japan - Lucky Chloe.

Lucky Chloe is a fighter that uses breakdance-style moves, and is brightly-dressed in a kitten-themed ensemble.

There have been mixed opinions on the new character, and when the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, was directed towards a NeoGAF discussion of the Lucky Chloe, he responded with some words of his own.

Harada eventually said that the character wouldn't be released in the North American version of the game, only the East Asian and European versions.

Here's the video for Lucky Chloe that was revealed a few days ago.

Some more gameplay footage of Tekken 7 appeared on Tuesday, and you can watch it below. Don't forget to crank it up to 720p/1080p to see it running at 60fps.

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