Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD heading to PC and tablets in January

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD Protect Your Castle

Ubisoft are bringing the game up to date to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its release.

Classic turn-based strategy game Heroes of  is being re-released as a new HD Edition.

Ubisoft announced the new HD version of the game in a blog post on Tuesday, saying that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the game, with the series' 20th anniversary happening in 2015.

The game will be re-released on PC, iPad, and Android on 29th January.

Explaining their decision to re-release the game, the blog says:

"As Heroes fans ourselves, we know that nothing we could have done on this title would have surpassed the original game and this never has been our intention since the beginning of this project. Our objective with HOMM3 – HD Edition is to offer a new way to experience Heroes III on iOS and Android, alone or with friends thanks to the acclaimed hotseat mode (no more boring long train journeys!). To also please our PC fans we have worked on a Steamworks version of Heroes 3 RoE! If you want to try the game after all those years, play it again in HD and benefit from Steam multiplayer features, this version is made for you!"

Take a look at the speed painting video of some Might & Magic 3 game assets being brought into the HD generation below.

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