President Barack Obama writes code, animates Frozen

Barack Obama

The Computer Science Education Week saw President Obama trying out a lesson himself, and Prime Minister David Cameron also had a go at it.

President Barack Obama has animated a character from the Disney movie Frozen by writing a line of computer code.

The BBC reports that the US President joined pupils taking part in the 'Hour of Code' project, which is an hour-long intro of computer science being held by

The project is looking to bring more pupils into coding via the short introduction sessions. The plan to broaden access in schools throughout the US was announced on Monday.

The president said that over 48 million people have signed up to Computer Science Education Week, which is happening across the US right now.

Prime Minister David Cameron attended an Hour of Code class at Downing Street yesterday too.

David Cameron said:

"There's no secret to success in the modern world. If countries are going to win in the global race and children compete and get the best jobs, you need mathematicians and scientists - pure and simple.

"It will take time but it's absolutely vital for the success of our country that we teach maths and science and computing in the modern way, because that will be one of the things that will determine whether we succeed or not."

The video of President Obama below hears him talking about the Hour of Code.

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