Civilization: Beyond Earth gets its first major update

Civilization Beyond Earth Screen 1

Firaxis detail what’s due with the Beyond Earth’s new patch, “one particular Covert Ops exploit” removed

A new major update is now available for Civilization: Beyond Earth that brings a number of balance tweaks. changes to AI and user interfaces, optimizes trades routes and a whole lot more.

According to Firaxis, “ This patch, a collaborative effort between Firaxis Games and all of you who took the time to provide feedback since launch, will automatically download the next time you start up your Steam client. If the patch is not downloading, try restarting Steam.

“Players affected by the 144hz monitor issue should find that is no longer the case. Another issue preventing achievements from unlocking has also been fixed. And, in addition to fixing these and other issues, Firaxis has also addressed a number of gameplay balance requests from the community – like optimizing trade route yields and doing away with one particular Covert Ops exploit, “ added the developer.

The Patch also makes changes to the health and strength of several units.

You can check out the Patch notes in full by hitting this link.

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