Uncharted 4, Street Fighter 5 shown at PlayStation Experience event

Uncharted 4 Cover

Uncharted 4, Street Fighter 5 shown at PlayStation Experience eventSony celebrated 20 years of its PlayStation brand this weekend, with a major community event – in Las Vegas, of course.

The two-day extravaganza saw a range of announcements and revelations, and of course, an explosion of new gameplay trailers.

The key draw on Saturday was new gameplay footage of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End:

Set in a steamy jungle location, the 15-minute live demo showed a much more open environment than the narrow walkways of Uncharted 3, together with freely roaming enemies and a lot of climbing. It looks like series hero Nathan Drake will get a useful new tool in the shape of a grappling hook, as well as a deeper and more brutish melee system – he’s clearly been playing The Last of Us. Talking about Naughty Dog’s triumphant apocalyptic thriller, we also discovered that Troy Baker, who voiced Joel, will be onboard to play Nathan’s older brother.

Another biggie was the official revelation that Street Fighter V will be coming to PS4 as a console exclusive, with cross-platform multiplayer against PC owners.

The news had been leaked online earlier, but together with the announcement that Ultra Street Fighter IV is also coming to the machine, it was still a good night for fans of Capcom’s evergreen fighting series.

God of War designer David Jaffe showed his new project, Drawn to Death, a sketch-like arena shooter taking place in the notebook of an imaginative adolescent.

“It’s a violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage artist,” wrote Jaffe in a blogpost. Having been a teenage boy, I dread to think where this is going.

There were lots of exciting indie revelations. Open-world horror game The Forest is coming to PS4 after a gruesomely successful PC debut in May courtesy of a Steam Early Access release. It’s a first-person survival adventure, in which the player’s aircraft crashes on a tropical island inconveniently populated by cannibal mutants.

There’s also four-player co-op hack-n-slasher Fat Princess Adventures coming to PS4 from Fun Bits, and the wonderful role-playing game Bastion arriving soon on both PS4 and Vita. Retro RPG treat Shovel Night is also venturing over from a successful year on Nintendo machines. The latest project from a resident of Vancouver’s Indie House (an actual house, not a studio, which has also produced Towerfall and Night in the Woods), is Skytorn, a post-apocalyptic “metroidvania” adventure coming to PS4 and PC.

After a successful showing at Radius Festival and other events this summer, the brilliant ragdoll physics brawler Gang Beasts, is now down for a PS4 release as well as PC. I said it was “probably the funniest fighting game ever made,” after I saw it. And I’ve played Funky Head Boxers.

Also intriguing is Wattam, the new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Funomena, the San Fran studio co-founded by Journey producer Robin Hunicke.

Increasingly confident upstart publisher Devolver (Hotline Miami, Hatfoful Boyfriend) was in Las Vegas, too, showing off its new signing, Enter The Gungeon from Dodge Roll. It’s a frantic dungeon shooter that appears to combine Gauntlet and Nuclear Throne, and its out next year on PS4, PC and Mac.

It was a packed showcase then, with both new titles and fan-favourite conversions pleasing the attendees. There were of course, flickering hopes that – yes – The Last Guardian would show up. But once again, Team Ico’s now mythical follow up to Shadow of the Colossus, was absent.

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