Assassin’s Creed: Rogue review – a disappointing mix-tape of previous games

Rogue seems to exist primarily to provide PS3 and Xbox 360 owners with a new Assassin’s Creedwithout downgrading the recently released Unity for next gen.

However, while appearing original on the surface, it plays more like a mix-tape of previous versions of the series. New character Shay Cormac, a trainee assassin defecting to the rival Templar faction, provides a great hook, albeit more for long-time fans who have invested in series lore. Indeed, with its call-backs to characters and events from previous games, it enjoys one of the most engaging stories, both in the historical and present-day sections.

However, gameplay lacks any real innovation. A sprinkling of new moves and weapons doesn’t compensate for repetitive sailing and combat, and even playing as the series’ villains soon starts to feel as though the words “assassin” and “templar” have simply been swapped, without resulting in any noteworthy difference in mission structure or methodology.

To be fair, it certainly looks great, despite the ageing hardware, but as a whole this new adventure suffers from an overwhelming sense of over-familiarity.

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