18 million iPhone users have never used ApplePay

iPhone 6

it’s still early days but Apple’s NFC payment system has a long way to go yet.

The iPhone’s in-built ability to ‘bonk’ with ApplePay to conveniently pay for things isn’t being used by 95% of users.

Stat-gathering site InfoScout has revealed this info in a recent Black Friday survey, in which it was found that out of approximate 20 million iPhone 6s sold, 18 million of them have never been used with ApplePay

From the remaining two million users the response to Apple’s futuristic payment system is that it is quick, easy and safe, but even then it is only being used half of the time to pay for goods and services. Reasons for this include that users weren’t aware they could bonk to pay in some outlets or that they simply forgot to use it.

iPhoners who’ve never tried ApplyPay cited that they’d either never heard of it or didn’t know how it worked. Shunning the contactless payment system, a third of those surveyed said they were satisfied with using other, more established payment methods. Only 5% reported that they couldn’t get ApplePay to work.

It seems for now iPhone users are preferring to go with what they know and retailers aren’t doing a great deal to remind customers they can use ApplePay in-store. The new ApplePay enabled iPhone 6s only started rolling out from September so the technology may catch on yet. With over 70 million more new iPhones expected to go in the fourth quarter of this financial year, more ApplePay adopters could arise, those that have used it are largely positive about the experience after all.

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