Only 10% of iPhone owners likely to splash out on an iWatch

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Analysts suggest only one in ten with an iPhone are preparing to also get Apple's smart watch

Apple’s wristwear Watch device will be hitting the market with only 10 per cent of the fruity company’s iPhone fanbase considering purchasing it.

This is according to research firm UBS, who claim that only one in ten current iPhone users are prepared to part with their cash for Apple’s new smart wristband.

UBS report states the percentage of current iPhone zealots who are “very likely” to buy Apple’s new Watch device is some 10 per cent. A further 18 per cent plump themselves into the "somewhat likely" to purchase caregory.

While these figures won’t come as  triumphant news for Apple, the estimate would still see Tim Cook and Co flogging a sizeable 24 million units. The different models of iWatch range in price from $350 up to $5,000 with Apple gaining a profit on each, so the company won’t need to sell its wrist-thing in huge quantities to get a decent return.

Apple has reportedly ordered enough chips to produce as many as 50 million of its new wrist-tech devices to sell in the first year from launch. This could lead to them having a fair few left over going on the USB report. By comparison Apple’s most popular seller the iPhone sold 40 million units in the last financial quarter. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has fared worse since launch, with the company struggling to sell 1,000 units a day.

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