Majority of Brits would vote to leave the EU, and more back big change

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Last Friday's poll, by YouGov, suggests that 43% of Brits would vote to leave the EU, if there was a referendum, compared to 38% who would vote to remain.

15% said they ‘don’t know’ and 4% said they would not vote. Excluding these two means that 53% of Brits would vote to leave, whilst 47% would vote to remain in the union.

YouGov questioned 1641 GB adults between the 20th and 26th November, for the poll released last Friday.

It confirms that Euroscepticism has become a major force in Britain, but if those advocating an exit wish to succeed more will need to be done to convince the 15% who are not sure, likewise so will those wanting to stay in.

Nonetheless, there is a clear majority of Brits wanting to see some major changes in the EU.

A total of 64% of Brits questioned think that quotas should be imposed to limit the amount of EU migration to the UK, whilst just 22% opposed the idea. YouGov also questioned citizens from other EU countries, and interestingly, 47% of Germans said they would like to see quotas, higher than the 39% in opposition to them.

The survey also questioned citizens from France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. For all the other countries, more respondents favoured remaining in the EU than leaving, apart from Norway, which is not actually in the union.

Additionally, the poll suggests that a massive majority of Brits, 83%, would support ‘Not allowing EU citizens to claim benefits in other EU countries until they have lived there for at least a year’, compared to the 7% opposing this.

For every other country, when asked the same question a majority also supported the idea, with Sweden being the lowest on 51%. 73% of Germans support such an proposal.

76% of Brits also support ‘Not allowing EU citizens to move to another EU country unless they have a job and can support themselves.’ Again, a majority of respondents in other countries would also support such a policy.

It is clear that EU citizens are concerned with some aspects of the European Union, and the UK is one of the more Eurosceptic countries. With polls like this, it is no wonder that so many people plan to vote UKIP in May - 15% according to YouGov’s Sunday poll with the Sunday Times.

Overall, a huge majority of Brits would like to see changes in the EU. Citizens from across the EU back change as well. A smaller majority of Brits (when excluding don’t knows) would vote to leave the union.

The message from UK respondents is clear: ‘change the system or we’re leaving’.

The full results of YouGov’s poll can be found here: