Heartstone welcomes Goblins vs Gnomes, try new cards in the Arena

Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone

Get a chance to check out the new cards in Hearthstone’s first expansion Goblins vs. Gnomes.

If you’re keen to get a look what’s new in Hearthstone’s Goblins vs, Gnomes expansion then you can do so now by logging in and visiting the Arena.

Blizzard has made all 120 new cards that will be joining Hearthstone available in the Arena, so head on in if you want to get a go with them early to see what they all do. On top of this, players who log into Hearthstone between 4th and 8th December will be granted one token for a free Arena run.

Spectator Mode has also now gone live in Heathstone, allowing you to view your friends games.

Below is a trailer for Hearthstone’s new pint-sized races.

Goblins vs, Gnomes officially joins Heathstone on 8th December.

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