A PS1-themed PS4 has been announced by Sony

Only 12,300 units of the console will be made, and details on how to buy them in Europe are yet to be announced.

Sony has announced they're launching a limited edition PS1-themed PlayStation 4.

Sony's PlayStation Awards 2014 event is where the announcement was made, and the special edition of the console is being used to mark the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. The original PlayStation launched in Japan on 3rd December 1994.

The anniversary edition has the grey colour of the original PlayStation which, when you look closely, is partly covered with small PlayStation symbols along with the number 20.

The console comes bundled with a DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation Camera, which both share the same grey colour design.

PlayStation EU's Blog says that there are only going to be 12,300 of the units made, coming in at at price of €499. The limited edition will "not be available via traditional retail channels in the SCEE region," but the blog says further details will be given soon about how you can buy one for yourself.

Take a look at the short video below, which showcases the new limited edition design.

And here's an unboxing video too.

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