The Splinter Cell live-action movie is definitely worth your time

The Splinter Cell live-action movie screen 1

A fan-made Splinter Cell short that could rival the big budget Hollywood version.

The Splinter Cell is a live-action take on the videogame series - Splinter Cell. Made by Atomic Productions, the video is fan-created and really well-made, with good acting and special effects.

Set in the past, the short follows Sam Fisher's early years, before he was the man we know from Ubisoft's videogames.

The description of the video tells you that "For best viewing, turn up your speakers, crank your bass high, your subwoofer loud, or wear headphones."

Apparently there will be an official Splinter Cell movie released in cinemas next year, but for now you can enjoy Atomic's brilliant efforts.

The movie runs for about 7 minutes, and you can check it out below.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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