Kids threaten female games journo with rape, she tells their mothers

Alanah Pearce 1

Internet trolls and bullies will think twice before spouting their negativity now.

Alanah 'Charalanahzard' Pearce is a games journalist, games reviewer, and presenter from Brisbane, Australia, and she's been receiving private messages from people generally trolling her, and threatening to rape her. What did Alanah do? She told their mothers!

This stroke of genius has garnered Alanah attention from many news outlets all over the world, and it's easy to see why. Usually the anoynmity of the internet is a mask, which many trolls using such behaviour tend to hide behide, with little word of any repercussion to their actions. But her response to their threats has at least the potential for these trolls to face some consequences.

She sends the original messages she has received onto the mothers. Some of the messages she receives are from kids as young as 10, and so far she has only received one reply from the mothers she has contacted.

But, that mother has gotten the boy's school involved, and she is going there to give a talk about online harrassment and bullying to spread awareness to other parents. She is also making her son write an apology letter to Alanah too.

The message to said mother is below:

Alanah Pearce Troll message 1

After this message Alanah sent a copy of the rape threat message.

Alanah Pearce Troll message 2

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Alanah said:

"As soon as I started reviewing games in the public eye ... I immediately started getting comments that were to do with sexual harassment.

"Strangers being very specific about things they'd like to do to me, which is really not very nice to read. I had a couple of rape threats as well."

She does say that the abusive and threatening message are, thankfully, in the minority compared to the other comments she receives.

"It just got to a point where I was sick of ignoring this stuff and letting these people win."

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