Iron Sky: The Coming Race unveil Dance, Vladamir Putin Trailer

Iron Sky The Coming Race

New trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race features a dancing Vladamir Putin.

As we reported previously, Iron Sky: The Coming Race is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo and the production team have unveiled a new trailer to promote the movie.

The Coming Race will be a sequel to 2012s Comedy Sci-Fi Epic Iron Sky, which involved the discovery of a group of Nazi's living on the moon. Unaware that Hitler had lost the war they decide to come back to Earth to rejoin their people. Needless to say all does not go to plan, with hilarious effect.

As we learned from the previous trailer, The Coming Race will be set twenty years after the events of the first movie, with a Nuclear war destroying the Earth. The hero of the story will have to go beneath the Earth, where a secret has been hidden for millions of years. Beneath the Earth the hero will discover an Ancient Reptilian Race, The Vril, and their Dinosaur army, lead by Hitler himself. 

The latest trailer doesn't tell us a lot about the movie but it is certainly entertaining. Featuring a dancing Vladamir Putin who, it appears, may also be one of The Vril. The trailer also features music by Laibach, the Slovenian Industrial band who provided the Soundtrack for the first movie. The tune, entitled Rossiya, is taken from their 2006 album Volk and is based on the "State Anthem of the Russian Federation" and "The Internationale", a popular Socialist anthem.

You can see Dance, Vladamir Putin below.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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