Ex-Google worker says company 'f***ed up'

A former developer at Google took to the blog site Medium to explain-in strong by not virulent language-that the company has uncharacteristically missed a big opportunity with Google+, its three-year-old answer to Facebook .

The former employee, Chris Messina, said in his somewhat lengthy post that the company has missed so many opportunities to make a unique, industry leading product with Google+ that it's hard to understand what purpose the platform still serves.

Or, as Messina put it: "So what the f*** is Google+ for anyway?"

With privacy both an important and misunderstood concept in cyberspace, Messina wrote that the Google's lack of strategic thinking means that the development of online identity-with all its positive and negative connotations-has been essentially ceded to Facebook.

Google did not respond to a request for comment. Read the entire post here.

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