Evolve's story trailer talks hunting monsters

Evolve Stroy trailer screen 1

The online co-op FPS receives a story trailer to give context to the hunting of monsters.

A new story trailer has arrived for 2K and Turtle Rock Studios' co-op FPS - Evolve. If you've ever wondered why the hunters are being so mean and trying to hunt and kill the monsters you also get to play as, this trailer will shed a little light.

Evolve is a co-op game which sees players take on the role of a team of four hunters, that need to work together to hunt and kill a monster. The monster they're hunting is also player too, and as a monster they must hunt for food, and ultimately evolve, to avoid the hunters' traps and complete their own objective.

The trailer talks about the evacuation of a colony, and the monsters that have threatened its existence. You'll catch a glimpse at the game's hunters, monsters, and some cinematic action shots below.

Evolve is due for release on 10th February 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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