Kickboxer reboot signs Jean-Claude Van Damme in role

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The martial arts actor is set to return in the reboot of the 1989 cult classic. reports that the upcoming reboot of 1989's Kickboxer has cast none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme himself to play a part in the movie.

This news does come with a side of bad news too, however, as Tony Jaa has dropped out of the movie. Jaa was set to play the reboot's version of Master Chow, but JCVD will now take on that role.

The movie is being directed by John Stockwell (Cat Run), and it sounds like it pretty much follows the same plot as the original. Eric and Kurt Sloane are martial artists, and Kurt must train with Master Chow to avenge his brother's death when he's killed by the Muay Thai champion Tong Po.

The movie will also star Alian Moussi (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and George St. Pierre (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). reports producer Ted Field said: "We are so excited to have ‘Kickboxer’ roll into production and to have JCVD in the role of Master Chow, passing the torch to Alain, to have him lead the franchise to a new generation. Audiences better get ready for this incredible reboot. The action is going to be non-stop with never-before seen stunts. Simply put, ‘Kickboxer’ will kick-ass!"

The reboot to Kickboxer started production this week and will shoot in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Thailand. It's due for release some time in 2015.

A poster for the movie is below.

Kickboxer Poster 640

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