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The HITC gaming writers share the games they're currently playing. This weekend Adam and Steve embark on journeys into Gotham City and Norrath

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we share are current gaming adventures. This weekend we'll be playing...

Steve - Everquest

Earlier this year as part of the game’s 15th anniversary SoE were giving away free level 80 characters on Everquest. I picked one up which resulted in the biggest noob mistake I’ve ever made in the game as - playing on Zek the PvP server - I got spawned right on top of a player killing Shadow Knight. What I should have done was start a level 1 character and move it to a safe zone and then grab the upgrade.

I too started a Shadow Knight, as it was a class I always fancied but never played to any serious level (necromantic life-tapping tank with pet anyone?). Although SoE had fortuitously already hotkeyed the Shadow Knight’s Death Touch and life tapping abilities I got pwned, despite putting up a good fight (getting death touch off at least) and minutes after triumphantly stepping back into EQ, my assailant had looted the 15,000 platinum coin that SoE had so graciously gifted me. How weak!

Anyway, after finding my feet with my new SK I set off revisiting my old haunts in EQ, which is super easy to do with the addition of mercenaries in the game, too easy really. The experience is strangely lonely on Zek, as vast swathes of the older zones are completely empty. It’s like having the game to yourself, a million miles away from playing my ghetto-geared monk (basically really hard to solo with) back in the day. Still logging back in on the free to play model brings back floods of great memories.

I officially put away my EQ shoes just after Omens of War came out. I was also simultaneously playing Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest II and then World of Warcraft which is where my guild eventually moved on mass. I still like to pop back into EQ from time to time just for some aimless killing and nostalgia. It’s testament to the game’s popularity that despite SoE bringing out the game’s own competing sequel and the launch of the unbelievably popular WoW that development is still going after all these years. I’m really looking forward to what Everquest Next will bring, although I fear it means some serious upgrading. This weekend - just for a laugh - I think I’ll take my SK out and kill some old world dragons solo, should be cake, Nagafen and Vox be ye warned! Check out the trailer from 1998, how old school it that?


Adam – Lego Batman: The Videogame

What am I playing this weekend? That’s a good question. Hmm, well I’ve been trying my best to keep away from the Steam sale that’s going on right now, as I usually end up buying yet more games I won’t get to play for a long time, and they just sit on my Steam library gathering digital dust. Although, I have bought something in the sale, but it wasn’t for me. That’s OK, right?

Speaking of Steam, I’ve actually picked a game from my games library on there, that I’m yet to play – Lego Batman: The Videogame. I’m using Matt’s review of Lego Batman 3 as a catalyst for my choice, as he really liked it.

I’ve only ever played one of the Lego games, which I think was the first Lego Star Wars. I played the demo, but I enjoyed it, so I’m hoping I get the same enjoyment from the Batman series. Oh, and because of my OCD-like mind, I have to play the first game initially, and then the second, and I’ll get the third when it’s a little lower in price.

I would ramble on about how it plays, but like I said, I’m yet to try it out. So, wish me luck! Oh, and here’s the trailer – let’s watch it whilst I wait for the game to install.

So that's what we're playing this weekend. Do join in with your current gaming distractions.

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