Nintendo aiimbo figurines can open Moscow Metro ticket gates

Nintendo amiibo opens subway gate

A video has been posted to Instagram which shows Nintendo's new character figurines opening a subway ticket gate.

Nintendo's amiibo characters are now available to buy in the shops and online, and it looks like one purchaser of these little Nintendo characters in Russia has been using his Samus Aran figure to open up Subway Gates. Yep.

Over on Reddit there's a post about the amiibo opening a Moscow Metro ticket gate. There's are short Instagram video of Samus' 'extra function' below:

Initially I thought this was funny, well, it is. But, the pessimist in me figures that there's only two ways this could be happening. One; amiibos do actually open Moscow Metro ticket gates, and now everyone is rushing out to buy little figurines of Mario and Yoshi to travel on the subway. Or two: the person who posted this has tinkered with the amiibo in some way, integrating the subway card's data into it, or onto it.

Either way it's still cool. Imagine everyone walking about the subway carrying little Nintendo characters to get from A to B.

Amiibos use near field communication (NFC), which means that the little figures only have to be close to a sensor in order for their data to be read. They're meant to be used with Nintendo's Wii U gamepad, and also a 3DS accessory being released next year.

Take a look at the below video for a little more info about amiibo.

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