Independence Day 2 gets the go ahead

Independence Day

20th Century Fox give the Independence Day sequel a formal greenlight. Shooting to start in May

Since the Will Smith fronted Independence Day became a massive success in the summer of 1996, there’s been much talk over the years of a sequel. At one stage it looked as if there was to be a pair of follow-on films with the title ID4Ever banded about.

Now 20th Century Fox has formally announced Independence Day 2 is definitely happening and will land in cinemas in June 2016, 20 years on from the original.

Deadline reports that Independence Day 2 will commence shooting in May 2015 with the original duo of director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin returning to work on the film.

The pair have also collaborated on the first draft of the screenplay which has since been through the rewrite process under a number of others including Nicholas Wright and James A Woods.

Contrary to the theory two films will be coming, it looks like for now at least we’ll just be getting the one movie.

It’s also expected that Will Smith will not be returning for Independence Day 2 and the film looks to be going ahead without him unless he changes his mind last minute.



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